Travel Games

It’s not always about the destination; the journey can be just as much fun! With our timeless
Travel Games you can make those long miles on the road into cherished memories.

License Plate Bingo

Going on a road trip this year? Keep a tally of who's joining you on your great American adventure. The game can go on for as long as you want and from stop to stop or coast to coast!



I spy with my little eye something fun! Pick out an object along the road and describe it to your fellow travelers using its size, color, distance or the letter the object starts with and this classic game can take any shape you want. The person that correctly guesses the object wins, and gets to spy in the next round.


Group Story Telling

A player starts the game by telling a story, stopping after three sentences. The next player picks up where the first left off, but can take the story in whatever direction they want. Each player takes a turn until the story finds its end. You'll have told a fun and surprising tale when you're through!


Alphabet Soup

Pick a letter, then think of as many words starting with that letter as quickly as you can & the player who comes up with the most wins! Once you've mastered the basic game, feel free to spice it up: try only using words in a certain category, like animals or foods.


Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of places and objects to look for on your trip, and keep your eyes peeled for when they come your way. Be creative when making your list; you can include gas stations, cows, airplanes, antique cars, road signs & even Cracker Barrel billboards!


Car Colors

Each player chooses a color from the cars passing by. Everyone then tries to spot 25 objects of their chosen color, calling them out and writing them down. The first player to reach 25 wins!