I spy, with my little eye, something…fun! Just like the passing scenery on a road trip, this
classic game is always changing – and exciting!

How to Play

  • Describe that object to your fellow travelers using its size, color, distance or the letter the object starts with – this classic game can take any shape you want.
  • The person that correctly guesses the object wins, and gets to spy in the next round.


  • You can also spy with your ears! Try describing things along the road using sounds – if you see an animal, try imitating the noises it makes; if you see a tractor, try making engine sounds. Just don’t annoy the driver!
  • Try adding a little competition. Have one passenger choose an object on the road and whisper it to two other passengers, who will both give their descriptions – the first description that helps a fourth person find the object wins! Remember: the driver can't play this one, but you’ll need at least four people to play this version.