Group Story Telling

On the road, you'll find that the best stories are the ones you write together. With Group
Story Telling, you'll work together to create fun and interesting stories!

How to Play

  • A player starts the game by telling a story, stopping after three sentences.
  • The next player picks up where the first left off, but can take the story in whatever direction he or she wants.
  • Each player takes a turn until the story finds its end.


  • You can set certain rules to guide the story. A preplanned plot twist can be made up, or an ending can be decided upon before you begin – then it’s up to you and the others to follow along and keep the story exciting!
  • The story doesn’t have to end! Try keeping your tale going as long as possible – you’ll be surprised by the twists your and your fellow passengers will come up with.
  • Write it down! If anyone is speedy with a pen or a laptop, have them transcribe your story. The memories and laughs will last a lifetime.