Scavenger Hunt

Maybe you’ve got plans for your destination – but what about the journey? With a
Scavenger Hunt we hope you can make getting there even more exciting than arriving!

How to Play

  • Make a list of places and objects to look for on your trip.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for when they come your way – when you see the items on your list, be sure to announce it and record it.
  • Be creative when making your list; you can include gas stations, cows, airplanes, antique cars, road signs – even Cracker Barrel billboards!
  • The passenger who crosses the most off their list wins!


  • Different roads have different sights – plan your list around a regional theme. For instance, if you’re going through Texas, consider a list that might include armadillos and cowboy hats.
  • If you form teams, tackle a longer list and keep an eye on of both sides of the car.
  • If you include items on your list that can be brought along with you, you’ll collect some great souvenirs to help remember your trip.