Fried Chicken makes everything betterFried Chicken makes everything better

Chickenisms have arrived

Wash Down Some Sweet Tea With A Little Fried Chicken

Our new Southern Fried Chicken is now available in our restaurants and for carry-out. While you wait for your next order of our handmade, crispy, tender, chicken, enjoy some inspiring chicken thoughts. See our Chickenisms below.

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Chickenism Cross Stitch Pattern

Love Our Chickenisms? Create your own with our cross stitch pattern featuring one of our favorite Chickenisms— Everything Is Better With Fried Chicken!

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All the delicious chickenisms

A Wise Person Once Said, "Get the Fried Chicken"
A Wise Person Once Said
When Life Hands You Lemons Put Them in Your Sweet Tea and Order the Fried Chicken
When Life Gives You Lemons
When In Doubt Fried Chicken It Out
When In Doubt Fried Chicken It Out
Wash Down Some Sweet Tea With A Little Fried Chicken
Wash Down Some Sweet Tea
Order the Fried Chicken You
Order the Fried Chicken
All's Well That Ends In Fried Chicken
Everything Is Better With Fried Chicken
Everything is Better with Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken Isn
Fried Chicken Isn't The Answer, It's The Question
If There
If There's a Will, There's a Way
I Think Fried Chicken, Therefore I Will Order Fried Chicken
I Think Fried Chicken
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Fun Fried Chicken GIFs

Share your love of fried chicken with our collection of GIFs! Now available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and iPhone Messaging with the Giphy Keyboard. Or visit our brand channel on Giphy.